25 Nov 2008

sumbangan utk islam.


assalamualaikum w.b.t

MUSLIM For Life - Soldiers Of Allah

If we don't change society
Then we are part of the cause
on the Day of Judgment
We are going to stand
in front of Allah
There will be no excuses
For being useless

Without Islam in our lives
Our lives are fruitless
Leaving behind
all things
taking nothing
but our deeds
On the last day it will be
too late to repent

Hm. Kalau kte tak berfaedah utk Islam mase kte hidup ni, susah nak jawab dpan Allah nanti. So, apa sumbangan kte utk Islam?

They say your too young
to change this world
to young to understand
Look at Ali (RA)
At 8 he was mature
like a man
Carrying this
message of Islam

Ya Muslimeen Look to Islam
and you will see Islam is complete
No compromise at no cost
Practice Islam
and not just at the mosque
Doesnt make a difference
if its him or her or me
We should be representing Islam
so stay strong
and Keep your Muslim identity --Soldiers Of Allah, No Compromise.


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