4 Dec 2008

live ur life..?


You know how its 1 in the morning and you just got back from no where and you feel like crashing into bed and snore the whole way to the morning? Its a wonderful thought.

then you remember that you haven't yet performed solat isya'. and you feel the need to get up and do those and forget about bed. you feel peaceful after you've done that.

well.. which is the happier thing to do?

think again.

if you crash into bed, you might not meet that bed anymore after that and will be brought on men's shoulders to your new bed and then you regret.

and if you do get up and solat, you may also not meet your bed anymore after you snooze on in sleep that night, but you don't regret, because you have already completed what you needed to do.


and you remember Living Your Life lyrics and you feel like you want the money. you want to shine, you want to be full of yourself.

then you remember Ar-Ruhul Jadid's lyrics

Kami petualang mencari kebenaran
Mencari makna serta hakikat manusia
Kami berjuang menegakkan kehormatan
Hidup mulia atau mati sebagai syuhada

and you remind yourself about what's in the Aqidah/Tauhid textbook about why are you in this world.
and you remember that Rihanna isn't a muslim and you are. you can't follow Rihanna. you can't. and then you finally get it. you don't need to believe all of what Simple Plan says.

see this [welcome to my life lyrics]

that song sometimes does seem right. you feel the need to cry out like that. you feel they are right.

you also feel that they are wrong. you have Allah. you have His love. you have Him to hold on to. you can't break down. you can't. you feel better when you lock yourself in Allah than locking urself in your room. you feel happy.


and another one:

you feel like relaxing everyday - read magazines and dancing to music and movies and shopping and maybe just sleeping. you could do this the whole year, you whole life. you feel like you can finally have your happiness. you can enjoy your life.

then you remember that you will have to answer to not other but your God your Creator, on that day about what have you done with ur money, ur life, ur time, ur body, ur brain, ur self. and you feel the urge to get up, do the least you can. and then you feel good. you feel very good. you enjoy your life better.

which happiness would you choose?

but then you think about how useless you are, you aren't smart like Ibn Taimiah, Ibn Khaldun, so what is there that you can do? you think about how un-confident you are to tell the world the truth - the real truth - and you think about the other confident, brave and the ones-who-say-it-right ppl who can do that for you. you feel that you are nothing - you are not a person who's popular or famous and teachers don't like you like they like others.. and you feel like that is a good excuse. you can just stay around here and weep about how you want to change the world, but you can't.

but then you realize that these successful ppl are decreasing in numbers and you feel that your spirit is so high that you need to do something and you do what you can. you know that your roll could just be that you hold on to the Quran - for most of us are leaving it behind. or you can just listen to your parents or do your homework and tell ppl to do so too. you are changing the world. you also feel the need to get up some more.

so get up.

everybody is smart enough.
everybody can do what they have to do.
everybody [of us] have Allah.
everybody can shift the future.
everybody can win.

a reminder to myself and all.


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